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We Are Open!
We will be following the guidelines of social distancing as well as making sure that our facilities stay thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We look forward to seeing you!

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Heart-Pumping Fun
Get Ready for an Unforgettable Challenge

Are you ready to test your skills at the Beachside Grand Prix racetrack? Our exhilarating go-kart experience is designed for fun, speed, and safety for all ages. Zip around the track in our high-performance, electric go-karts. From friendly matches to high-speed competitions, we have everything you need for an amazing time with friends and family outdoors. Step on the gas, and we’ll see you at the finish line!

Our Track

We want to bring you a high-tech, premiere go-karting experience that you’ll never forget. That’s why our custom-designed tracks are built to thrill. Love every lap with friends and family on our Grand Prix-style track!


This outdoor experience will make you feel like a pro. When you’re flying down the track, you’ll see how we’ve created a race that is fast, fun, and full of opportunities to test yourself. Races can be anything from friendly matches to high-speed competitions!


With speeds like these, you’ll be glad to know that our tracks are equipped with the best advanced barrier systems available. By minimizing impact, protecting the go-kart, and preventing crashes, we keep excitement and safety hand-in-hand. Even the newest drivers will be protected while testing their skills!

Our Karts

Have you ever flown down a racetrack in an American-engineered speed machine? Our electric karts are designed to keep you close to the ground and feeling the torque while taking tight turns. But with all the thrill, we also have all of the safety and low environmental impact that electric karts offer.


Electric karts bring so much more to the game than gas-powered go-karts. We love our fully electric go-karts, and we know you will too. With no exhaust fumes and superior performance, our karts bring a a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more!


Whether you’re visiting us for you’re first time on the track or you’re a skilled go-karting pro, our challenges and karts are designed for all levels of experience. The safety and set-up on our karts lets novices and professionals of all ages feel the fun of thrilling speed and a close race!

Our go karts for racing in blue and orange
Golf N Go Birthday pass
Parties and Events

The best birthday party a person can get is only a reservation away. Our facilities are perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike to enjoy an unforgettable day! Celebrate with a go kart party package.


Inspiration sometimes needs to happen outside the office, and there’s nothing better than a corporate event with a twist. That’s why we bring businesses a great alternative for annual parties, lunches, meetings, and other corporate events.


For organizations, businesses, and clubs, there’s no better way to build relationships and practice team-building exercises than high-performance go kart racing. Contact us today to set up your next event!